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Improv Ensemble 2023

During OBFCS 2023, composer/performers, instrumentalists and/or vocalists will have the opportunity to improvise with each other and with the following instrumentation: with a solo shakuhachi or with a shakuhachi duo; with the Balinese gamelan; with the shakuhachis and the gamelan; of with the shakuhachis, the gamelan, and any other instrument or group of instruments from around the world. These improvisations will be presented during the shakuhachi concert on July 4 and/or during the “Gamelan Celebration Concert” on the last day of the symposium (July 5).


All levels of experience are welcome in the OBFCS Improv Ensemble. If you are interested in participating as a solo or ensemble improviser during the symposium, please be sure to apply under Category V on the application.

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