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The Artists Collaborative Ensemble (ACE) is the resident performing ensemble of the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, which is comprised of symposium participants who apply in the following categories:

  • Composer/Performer (Category II);

  • Performer (Category III);

  • Conductor (Category IV).

Each member of ACE is a vital part of our community of musicians—instrumentalists, vocalists, composer/performers, and conductors—who perform the music of symposium participants throughout the festival. We strive to connect all OBFCS participants who come from around the world—composers, composer/performers, performers, and conductors—through ongoing creative projects and collaborations that extend into the future far beyond the boundaries of the symposium itself.

Now more than ever, we must work together as a community of composers and performers to further develop and strengthen our common artistic values and aspirations, especially in these challenging post-pandemic times.

We have the power to ensure that the arts thrive, and in OBFCS, we are focusing on the creation, performance, and recording of new music from around the world—without boundaries or dogmatic musical idealogies. For each symposium, we focus on a central theme or themes, which “New Sound Words: Intercultural Composition” in the summer of 2023.

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This summer, we welcome participants to create and perform intercultural music for traditional instruments from Korea, Japan and Indonesia in combination with instruments from around the world including Western instruments. Acclaimed guest artists-in-residence and our symposium ensemble, the Artists Collaborative Ensemble, will give premieres of more than forty works composed for the symposium—a celebration of intercultural music as a fusion of diverse cultures and musical expressions.

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