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Composers Film Festival

As an integral part of the symposium, we are thrilled to offer composers and composer/performers the following multimedia opportunities during our Composers Film Festival:

  • Composers or composer/performers may show films or videos for which they have composed music;

  • If you are a filmmaker, you are also welcome to show a film or video that you have made, which may either feature you own music or a score composed by someone else.


At our two-day film festival, composers and composer/performers will introduce their work and then show their films, followed by a discussion with symposium participants, which will be moderated by symposium director and multimedia composer Robert Kyr.


In 2016 and 2018, the Composers Film Festival was a wildly popular aspect of the symposium and we look forward to offering it again during our online symposium in 2021. If you would like to show a film or video, then please be sure to fill out the “Composers Film Festival” section (for composer and composer/performer applicants) in the online application form, which can be accessed through the “How to Apply” page.

We know that you will enjoy being part of a community of musicians and artists, which is excited about engaging with you as a film composer and/or filmmaker.

For 2020 applicants attending the 2021 festival, we encourage you to present the film(s) you submitted to the 2020 OBFCS, and hope that you will also submit any new films that you have worked on during the past year, as a film composer and/or as a filmmaker.



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