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Concerts, Workshops,
Lecture/Demonstrations & Presentations:

Premieres and performances of music by

more than 40 international symposium participants

Three Concerts of

Intercultural Composition Projects

Instrumental composer participants will compose a piece for one of the following intercultural composition projects that will be premiered by the following performers from our roster of guest artists-in-residence:


Project #1: South Korea

Traditional Korean Instruments + Clarinet & Piano

Concert: July 3, 2023

Eunah Noh, haegeum

[two-string Korean fiddle]

Eonhwa Lee, gayageum

[plucked 12-string Korean zither]

Jung-min Lim, daegeum

[large Korean transverse flute]

Wonkak Kim, clarinet

Eunhye Grace Choi, piano

A Collaboration with Special Guest Artists from South Korea

Sponsored by the Global Scholars Program, University of Oregon

Project #2: Japan

Shakuhachi + World Instruments

Concert: July 4, 2023

Daniel De Togni, shakuhachi

[vertical end-blown Japanese flute]


Project #3: Indonesia

Balinese Gamelan + World Instruments

Concert: July 5, 2023

Pacific Rim Gamelan

Robert Kyr, Director

[metallophones, gongs & drums]


Presentations & Discussions

Symposium sessions (90-120 minutes each) with our artists-in-residence as listed above  under “Three Concerts of Intercultural Composition Projects.”


Participant Presentations &

Discussions of Their Music

Each composer participant will have the opportunity to give a presentation about their music to the rest of the symposium. There will also be a means for composers to share additional information about themselves and to connect with other symposium composers and composer/performers for possible future collaborations.


Composers Film Festival

A two- or three-session film festival, during which composers and composer/performers will introduce and show their films, followed by a discussion with symposium participants, moderated by symposium director, composer and filmmaker Robert Kyr.​

Social Gatherings

We will provide numerous opportunities for participants to connect in person with each other and explore possibilities for future collaborations. We will gather after concerts at many of the cafés, restaurants and other enjoyable venues throughout the city.

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