Early Decision: MONDAY, April 6, 2020;
Final Application: MONDAY, April 20, 2020.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by Monday, April 6, 2020. However, applications will continue to be accepted through Monday, April 20, 2020, which is the final deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: The application cannot be saved, so you must complete it in one sitting. However, you may take as long as you wish.



Step I: First, Choose Your Activity Category (or Categories)

Each applicant must apply in AT LEAST ONE of the following categories.

Please note that you may apply to participate in as many categories as you wish with no additional fee. All Composers are strongly encouraged to apply as "Composer/Performers" so that they can participate in the Artists Collaborative Ensemble (ACE).

Category I: Composer (non-performer)

Apply to have your works performed or read at the symposium.
Category II: Composer/Performer
Apply to have your works performed or read at the symposium, and to perform in the American Creators Ensemble (ACE) and/or in the OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program.
Category III: Performer (incl. Vocal Fellows Program)
Apply to perform in the American Creators Ensemble (ACE) and/or the OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program, which will be mentored by our Guest Artists and "Performer's Showcase" artist.
In order to apply for the OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program, please apply under the
"Performer" category (Category III).
Category IV: Conductor
Conductors and conductor/composers will conduct the American Creators Ensemble (ACE) and/or OBFCS Vocal Fellows in concerts and rehearsed readings. The repertoire will be music by symposium participants. If you are a conductor, please apply under Category IV. If you are a conductor/composer, please make sure to also apply under Category I (Composers) as well as Category IV (Conductors).
Category V: Improvisation Group
Composer/performers (Category II), performers (Category III), conductors (Category IV) & pre-existing ensembles (Category VIII) may apply to participate in our Improvisation Ensemble, which will perform during the Wild Nights Cafes.
Category VI: Balinese Gamelan
All participants may apply to perform in the Balinese Gamelan led by Robert Kyr. Each member of the group will have an opportunity to create a short work for the ensemble (while in residence at the festival) that will be premiered at our final "Wild Nights Cafe." Places are available at all levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) and prior experience is not required.
Category VII: Auditor
Anyone may apply as an auditor in order to audit sessions and
to attend events of their choice.
Category VIII: Ensemble Applicant
Individuals may also apply as members of a pre-existing ensemble of performers or a pre-existing ensemble of composer/performers. If you are interested in applying as an ensemble, then please complete the application as an INDIVIDUAL under “Composer/Performer” (Category II) or “Performer” (Category III), but ALSO indicate your interest in applying as an ensemble under "Ensemble Applicant" (Category VIII). Accepted ensembles will be given multiple performance opportunities during the symposium to present their own music (if they are composer/performers) and the music of symposium participants (if they are composer/performers or performers).

Step II: Before filling out your application, please familiarize yourself with the list of application materials and the instructions below.

1) APPLICATION FORM: all participants, including auditors

The online application is linked below. Please be sure to mark ALL of the categories in which you plan to participate. No additional application materials are required to participate in Category V (Improvisation) or Category VI (Balinese Gamelan), and no prior experience is required for Categories V and VI.

2) BRIEF RESUME (at least 1-3 pages): all participants, including auditors

Your resume must be uploaded as a PDF to Dropbox, Google Drive, or another similar file hosting service, and entered into the online application via a link. Please include a list of works (composers and composer/performers) and information about your performing experience, especially in new music ensembles (composer/performers, performers and conductors).

3) SCORES: Composers (Category I) and Composer/Performers (Category II)

All scores must be uploaded as PDFs to Dropbox, Google Drive, or another similar file hosting service, and entered into the online application via a link.

A) Instrumental Music

If you wish to write a new piece, or to have a previously composed work performed at the symposium, then you must submit at least 2-3 representative works for any combination of instruments within the ACE (Artists Collaborative Ensemble, please see below), preferably scored for 1-6 players. It is to your advantage to send as much music as possible in several different instrumental combinations.

Available Instruments:
Flute (including piccolo and/or alto flute)
Oboe (including English horn)
Saxophone (including soprano, alto, tenor, and/or baritone)
Clarinet (including bass clarinet)
Trombone (including bass trombone)
Percussion (including vibraphone and/or marimba)
Piano (solo piano pieces are encouraged)
Double Bass

B) OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program

If you are interested in participating in the OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program, then please submit at least 1-2 pieces in any vocal genre, primarily solo voice with accompaniment (piano and/or instruments), but also music for more than one voice with accompaniment or a cappella. It is to your advantage to send as much music as possible.

Composers who are chosen for this category will have a previously composed work performed at the symposium, or be asked to compose a new work prior to their residency. If you are a composer/vocalist, please consider composing a work for yourself to sing, and/or please sign up to perform music by the participants.

C) Composers Film Festival

If you have scored a film and would like to be considered to show your work at the symposium, please submit your film via a streaming platform such as Youtube or Vimeo, and note its duration, genre, and any honors received. You may submit as many entries as you wish.

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the Composers Film Festival does not exclude you from having a new or previously composed work for instruments and/or voices performed!


4) AUDIO RECORDINGS: all participants, except auditors

All audio recordings must be uploaded to a streaming platform such as Youtube or SoundCloud and entered into the online application via a link.

A) Original Music: Composers (Category I) and Composer/Performers (Category II)

If available, please provide a recording of each of your submitted scores (or a MIDI representation if you do not have a live recording).

B) Performing Audition: Composer/Performers (Category II) and Performers (Category III)

Please provide two representative works in contrasting styles (solo and/or ensemble music) that reveal your abilities as a vocalist or instrumentalist. It would be helpful if one of the pieces that you include is a performance of your own music, but it is not mandatory.

PLEASE NOTE: You may apply as a vocalist, instrumentalist, or both.

5) VIDEO RECORDING: Conductors (Category IV)

Your video recording must be uploaded to a streaming platform such as Youtube or Vimeo and entered into the online application via a link.

If you are applying to the symposium as a conductor, you may submit an audition video of at least 1-2 representative examples of your conducting, which does not need to be more than 15 minutes in total duration. In the absence of a video recording, an audio recording that represents your conducting abilities is acceptable.

6) Letter(s) of Recommendation (optional)

If you choose to include a letter of recommendation, please ask your recommender to send your letter by email only, addressed to Robert Kyr, Director of the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, at In the subject of the email, please make sure that your recommender includes your name and the text, "OBFCS recommendation." Your recommendation will be completely confidential and will only be seen by the director of the symposium.

Step III: Please Fill Out the Online Application Form and Submit Your Application Materials

Please complete the GoogleForm linked below. To request a paper application, or to report any trouble completing the online form, please contact Joanne Na, Webmaster, at


Please send all application materials by:

(1) EARLY NOTIFICATION: Monday, April 4, 2020 (Receipt Deadline);
(2) FINAL APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, April 20, 2020 (Receipt Deadline).

If accepted to the symposium, you will be sent a separate survey to assess your housing preferences.

Questions or Concerns About the Application Process

Please direct any questions about the application process to:

Robert Kyr, Symposium Director

Daniel Daly, Assistant to the Director